Deja Food Restaurant Group has been closely monitoring the situation regarding the spread of the Coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness it causes. the health and safety of our guests and staff are what matter most to us. As this growing health crisis is fluid, we will continue to adjust our standard operating procedures as needed and will provide updates. 

Please be patient with us as we navigate through the guidelines and restrictions that we are mandated to follow. We will post all updates regarding safety protocols on social media and this page to finalize our plans. 

Please click here for full list of our precautions.


Dining at a Deja Food Restaurant (either in house, for takeout, or for delivery) will include a 10% service charge, to cover costs not seen by guests. As they are not directly related to food or beverages we have not simply added it to menu prices. While it contributes to staff wages it is not a tip;  we chose 10% as it is half of the national tipping average, so if you enjoy your experience you're welcome to add a small gratuity.   

If you have additional questions, feel free to call us at 608-251-2700 or send an email to info@grazemadison.com