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Graze sources most all of its ingredients from small farms in our region. Our eclectic menus allow you to taste the local terroir through farming practices that embrace the land where food is grown or raised: grass-fed beef, acorn and whey fed hogs, cave-aged cheeses, and an amazing variety of vegetables grown in Wisconsin's most fertile soils.

In the same way that the menus at Graze are not limited to one culinary tradition, the beverages at Graze are diverse and eclectic. We love spirits, wines, and beer that let the ingredients shine through, making a specific time and place manifest in a delicious beverage.

Just as the food of Graze is bold and candid--designed to satisfy and delight--the drinks should do the same thing.


*Please note, that we are not a certified-allergy free kitchen as we have a bakery on-site and process various types of nuts and dairy in house. However, we will do everything we can to prevent cross-contamination.

Dining at a Deja Food restaurant will include a 10 percent service charge that goes towards maintaining high base hourly wages for all staff. 

****Due to the high volume of in-house guests and our current staffing capabilities, we are unable to accommodate online or phone ordering for take out orders. We apologies for this inconvenience and hope you'll understand that as soon as we are able, we will resume these services.****