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Event Space
Our private event space can seat 20 to 40 people comfortably, and offers a $55 and $65 per-person, pre-fixed, seasonally driven menu. The room is located within L'Etoile restaurant and overlooks the dining room through a set of glass walls.  

Our goal is to provide the perfect setting and experience for guests who wish to host private, business, or celebratory events. 

 Private Event Space Video

Parties less than 20 guests will be referred to the Graze restaurant policy for seating.

Restaurant Reservation Policy

Graze is a walk-in style restaurant, no reservations are needed. 

Graduation Weekend
Our Private Event Space will not be available for booking during UW Madison graduation weekend.
(May 8th - May 10th)
All inquiries will be referred to our Graze reservation policy.

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